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a new musical

music & story by Veronica Mansour

book & lyrics & story by abs wilson

Winner of the 2024 Richard Rodgers Award

Developed at NYU Tisch, selected musical for the National Musical Theatre Alliances's 2024 New Musical Festival, winner of the 2024 Eugene O'Neill National Music Theater Conferenceselected musical for the 2024 Rhinebeck Writer's Retreatwinner of Syracuse University’s New Works, New Voices developmental reading program, a finalist for the 2023 Eugene O'Neill NMTC, finalist for the Olney Theatre Center Vanguard Arts Fund, NAMT finalist, song "Runaway Girl" one of the three winners of Taylor Louderman's Write Out Loud Songwriting Contest, featured on the NAMT Playlist, featured in the Vanguard Theater Illuminating New Voices New Work Festival, featured in New York Theatre Barn's New Works Festivalfeatured production at St. Olaf College March 2024


LIGHTHOUSE is a 6-women, fourth-wall-breaking pop country musical following our unreliable narrator "Bus," an 18 year old girl who wants nothing more than to escape her small Minnesota town.


But what Bus really wants to escape? Herself— and everything she fears she could become.


With a cast ranging from ages 18-73, LIGHTHOUSE explores anxiety and OCD, the lives of women in rural, conservative communities, and what it means to be yourself for the rest of your life. Ultimately, LIGHTHOUSE celebrates the idea that maybe, just maybe— every version of yourself is worth being.

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The word "LIGHTHOUSE" with a lighhtouse on a snowy field, crediting abs wilson and veronica mansour

the LIGHTHOUSE keepers

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When we first sat down to create the midwestern, pop-country musical that has now become LIGHTHOUSE, one thing was clear: we needed to create a show about women, for women, and by women. And not just that, but a show that allows these women to be too messy, too perfect, to be warm, cold, desperate, confident, hilarious, painfully raw— and everything endlessly complex in-between. A show that creates a space for us to see ourselves and know that our story, no matter how small we've been told to believe it is? Is always worth telling.


Both of us have connections to the midwest. I grew up in Minnesota, and Veronica went to college in Indiana. And there's something a little different there than other places in the US, the food a little heartier, the people a little quieter— and the February's a little bleaker. And there's something beautiful and unique about country music that perfectly matches the heart of these rural, story-rich communities we're representing. We also wanted to earnestly explore how mental health, isolation, and the often religious communities there so shape the lives of these women. Veronica has health anxiety OCD, and I have Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, and we wanted to see and honor women of all ages who live with these conditions and others— and let their stories live honestly onstage.


LIGHTHOUSE is, ultimately, a show about self-love— all of us are just made up of all the people around us— and those are a lot of people who need a lot of love. And so maybe, just maybe, we can find a little hope and self-understanding in that fact. Or at least a pretty kickass country musical.

abs wilson and veronica mansour holding the script for LIGHTHOUSE at NYU Tisch Graduate Musical Theater Writing Program
Bus Stop
The Way She Sees Me
The Snow & the Fire
Runaway Girl
Back Like Before


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