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Taylor Louderman's

Songwriting Contest

"Runaway Girl" from LIGHTHOUSE was selected as one of the three winners of Write Out Loud's 5th volume. "Runaway Girl" was one of the first songs we wrote for the show— and it hasn't changed much since— and so it was extra thrilling to see this song brought to life with the Write Out Loud team.

"Runaway Girl" is recorded by Jessica Vosk and performed at 54 Below by Jane Bruce.

Photos by @rebeccajmichelson 


New Works Series

Hosted at Playwright's Horizons, 30 minutes of book/music material was presented alongside another new musical for New York Theatre's Barns Fall 2023 New Works Series. This presentation was directed by Susanna Wolk (&Juliet, Waitress), music directed by Davey Maglione, and starred Jane Bruce (Jagged Little Pill), Katie Thompson (Oklahoma, Giant), Darcie Hingula, Mylinda Hull (Mr. Saturday Night), Kerstin Anderson (My Fair Lady), and Morgan Riley (Freestyle Love Supreme). Our musicians include Morgan Parker, Will Shish, Mohan Ritsema, Nate Luek, and Veronica joining on the cello. While the songs in the presentation are all in the full-length version of LIGHTHOUSE, the majority of the book for the piece is original material written for the 30-minute presentation, showing the world and characters of LIGHTHOUSE.

LIGHTHOUSE segment begins at 1:04:55

St. Olaf College

In March 2024, abs' Minnesota-based undergrad did a production of a draft of LIGHTHOUSE. We got to spend a week at the school to see the production and meet the students and creative team!


Alongside its already age-diverse cast, LIGHTHOUSE is a show that's really relevant to college students— so it was extra magical seeing this production come to life, especially in the heart of Southern Minnesota!

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